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LANX fitted weighing system

In order to meet increasingly demanding enquiries ATS Rauw can offer you a large number of solutions that make everyday life easier. Ask about our documentation on Lanx payload systems, our RAPID'BACHE system and other accessories.




  • Gross and net weights on each axle are displayed in the cab.
  • Fast loading and unloading with the correct weight.
  • Avoid fines for overload.
  • Prevent premature wear to your vehicle.
  • Resistant to water, vibration and temperature fluctuations.
  • IP65 protection class.
  • Can be installed into different vehicles when fleet upgrades.


  • Max. 1 % of the weight displayed
  • a load of 28 tonnes weighed with an accuracy of 280 kg.
  • Truck tractor and semi-trailer are interchangeable


The control unit of the Lanx system is installed directly in the cab and processes information from the collectors that are allocated depending on the vehicle type. It displays gross and net weight in real time, allowing weight to be measured for each axle and providing the option of taking interim readings.

The electronic pressure switches are ten times more accurate than pressure gauges, which are eclipsed by the Lanx weighing system.

Each truck tractor can be linked with several semi-trailers, each of which is equipped with a collector kit. A permanent or interrupted acoustic signal informs the driver when the desired weight is almost reached or exceeded. The weights indicated can be printed out on the printer.



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