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About us


ATS Rauw is a family business located in the east of Belgium with 25 years' experience in the field of vehicle construction.

We are vehicle manufacturers and can offer special individual solutions designed and constructed freely according to your requirements and wishes. We will plan, develop, draw and realise your wishes, whether small or large, all within our own company. We build our vehicles using the latest technology and production methods as well as best quality steel and we are continuously designing new and innovative ways of making vehicles even safer, more stable and economical. Thanks to higher strength steels and our expertise we can reduce vehicle weight, which in turn lowers your running costs, decreases wear and allows greater loads. Our field of activity is very broad, taking in vehicle building, imports and service, all centralised at one site.

Our service team is also there for you when you wish to convert an existing vehicle or if you need maintenance or repair work. We cooperate with a large number of manufacturers and can thus supply spare parts and service for any kind of vehicle.



We are the exclusive importer for the Kempf and Berger brands, which are both well established in trailer manufacturing.

Kempf offers a large number of semi-trailers, tippers, beverage transporters, platform, sliding-floor and other trailers, and has been manufacturing high-quality products in Germany since 1951.

ATS Rauw is exclusive importer for Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Berger manufactures the lightest trailers on the market. Affordability, cost-effectiveness, safety, quality and excellent value for money are integral elements of the company's philosophy. Berger is a European company based in Austria, where they also develop and produce their trailers.

ATS Rauw is importer for the Berger brand for the Benelux countries.


Lift cranes, Sub-frames and Superstructures

We offer a wide range of lift and forestry cranes that match your requirements.  We will provide comprehensive advice beforehand, and if you wish, the appropriate superstructure.

We have specialised in the design and manufacture of sub-frames for heavy-lift cranes for many years, selling these with great success internationally for all types of superstructure. Our experience and expertise are combined in every mobile crane that we build.


Snow Clearance and Municipal services

Owing to our geographical location in the hills of Belgium we are at the centre of solutions to problems when it comes to snow clearance equipment.

We sell products from RASCO and BOSCHUNG (manufacturers of snow ploughs, automatic gritting equipment etc.), who provide a large number of solutions in the field of municipal services equipment and pathside and path network maintenance.

We also offer solutions for airport maintenance and large industrial premises.

Your support partner will be pleased to discuss the possibilities that we can supply.



We supply containers from our own production as well as the appropriate superstructures for their transport. Stability, safety and low weight are important here to meet your demanding requirements as well as to increase the cost-effectiveness of our products.


Forestery work

ATS Rauw's great advantage is its professionalism and capabilities in the field of forestry cranes, a demanding sector because of the exceptional loads required in daily operation.

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