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General terms and conditions of RAUW ATS

 Our general terms and conditions set out on the reverse of our quotations, orders, delivery notes and invoices, which in any case appear on, exclude the application of any general terms and conditions of the Customer.


Article 1 - Price calculation

The prices in our quotations are guaranteed against increases for a duration of 40 calendar days, except if the consumer price index varies by more than 5% or in case of an increase in VAT or the creation of a new tax relating to the quotation in question.
Our deliveries and services are limited to the specifications stated in the terms of our quotations. All additional work and services will be charged.


Article 2 - Place of performance

The Customer must receive the goods at our registered office. Nevertheless, the Customer authorises us to entrust services to a subcontractor of our choice.


Article 3 - Taking delivery of vehicles

Vehicles must be collected within eight (8) calendar days starting from the completion of the repair work or starting from the invoice date. Risk is transferred at the time when the vehicle is collected. If the aforementioned time limit is exceeded, we are entitled to invoice storage costs of € 10.00 per day + VAT.
In case of failure to pay the invoiced amount (including the storage costs) we are entitled to retain the vehicle until the time of full payment.


Article 4 - Delivery periods

Our delivery and repair times are only an indication. If a time limit is exceeded, the Customer cannot claim termination of the contract or damages. In the event of "force majeure" we have the right to terminate the contract or to suspend execution, without being liable for any compensation whatsoever. In particular the following are considered to be situations of "force majeure": war, mobilisation, military or civil confiscation, rioting, transport interruptions exceeding two calendar days, shortage of materials, strikes, serious accidents, fire, explosions or similar situations.
If a defect is repaired within the aforementioned time limits, the initial guarantee period will not be prolonged. Only guarantee periods of 12 months on new parts will start to run on the day when such parts are installed.


Article 5 - Hire vehicles

If a hire vehicle is made available, the customer undertakes to return the vehicle completely undamaged. The Customer confirms that he is aware that the hire vehicle does not come with comprehensive insurance cover.


Article 6 - Payment terms

Our invoices are payable at the latest at the time when the vehicle is collected. We are entitled to claim legal interest in case of payment arrears and to claim interest at 15% annual in case of failure to pay within a period of 15 days after a notice of default has been sent without result. In case of failure to pay following notice of default, we are entitled in addition to claim 15% of the amount of the unpaid invoice. This amount shall be a minimum
€ 25.00.


Article 7 - Retention of title

In principle our goods remain our property until full payment of the invoice amount.


Article 8 - Complaints

The Customer must notify any complaint regarding the goods and the repair service within eight (8) days starting from the invoice date. In the event of complaints in the context of the guarantees referred to in the terms of Article 9, the Customer must inform us immediately starting from the time when the defect in question is detected and shall refrain from using the vehicle until we have been able to examine it and give our opinion. The Customer is obliged to limit the damage in this regard.


Article 9 - Guarantees

We cannot provide a guarantee against any damage resulting from injudicious use of the vehicle (especially exceeding the maximum load, incorrect handling of the vehicle or similar situations). The Customer will receive all the instructions regarding use and necessary servicing and must comply with these with great care.

We guarantee the functionality of the new vehicles for a period of one year.
However, this guarantee is limited to the essential functionality of the vehicle and excludes any guarantee for spare parts.
We do not offer any guarantee as regards serviceability on repairs performed after the period of the aforementioned guarantee. We will perform our repairs in accordance with the state of the art and to the best of our ability, but without any obligation to achieve results.

Any guarantee is excluded starting from the time when the Customer arranges to have the vehicle serviced or repaired by another workshop.


Article 10

Only the courts in the judicial district of Eupen - Belgium are competent to hear disputes under this agreement. The law of Belgium applies exclusively.


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